Administrator:   Trayce Johnson 

As of January 1, 2006, Public Act 094-0639 will officially become law. In addition to the $25.00 pick up fee charged by Cass County, the State of Illinois will impose an additional $25.00 pick up fee to each time a dog is picked up.
There is a leash LAW, when you allow your dog to run loose, you are breaking the LAW! You will be fined. You are liable for any property damage and or medical bills that may occur from your dog's actions.
All Dogs will be held 7 days, then will be either sent to rescue or euthanized.

Pickup Fees

  • 1st Pickup Fee: $50.00 ($25.00 of which will be reimbursed if pet is spayed or neutered within 14 calendar days of FIRST pick up date) with an additional cost to owner for Rabies Vac and Tag. Plus Boarding Fee.
  • 2nd Pickup Fee: $75.00 At this time the animal will be by LAW ordered to be spayed or neutered at additional cost to the owner. Plus Boarding Fee
  • 3rd Pickup Fee: $200.00 + Boarding Fee
  • 4th Pickup Fee: $400.00 + Boarding Fee
  • 5th Pickup Fee: $600.00 + Boarding Fee

Additional Cost as follows:

  • Boarding Fee $10.00/Per day
  • Rabies Vaccination & Tag $36.00 If Altered
  • Rabies Vaccination & Tag $46.00 Unaltered
  • Microchip $45.00
You can be ordered by Law to get your dog micro chipped at any time, doesn't matter which pick up.

State Law Mandates

The General Maintenance rules for animal ownership mandated by the State of Illinois are as follows:
  1.  All animals must have adequate shelter protection from rain, sun, wind, etc.
  2.  All animals must be provided fresh food and water on a daily basis.
  3.  Vet care must be provided when necessary.
  4.  All dogs must be vaccinated for rabies at age 4 months, and kept vaccination current each year.
All dogs are required to wear their registration tags at all times.
  1.  All dogs in the city limits must be in a fenced yard, tied, or on a leash at all times. No dogs are allowed to run loose within city limits.
  2.  Any female dog season cannot be tied during her heat cycle, nor allowed to run at large. She is required to be confined in an area no other dogs can get to her (shed, basement, garage, etc).
To avoid unwanted animals being euthanized, all pets should be spayed or neutered. Please be a responsible pet owner!

Why to Neuter or Spay Your Pet

Altering is the surgical removal of the animals reproductive organs. SPAYING for females, NEUTERING for males, this is a one time surgery, with many benefits.

Reasons to Alter

  • Helps your pet to live a longer, healthier life.
  • Eliminates unwanted pregnancies & offspring.
  • Eliminates testicular & uterine cancer.
  • Reduces the chance of breast & prostrate cancer.
  • Reduces the desire for the animal to roam the neighborhood or fight.
  • Reduces urine marking behavior.

Not Enough Homes

  • It is estimated around 8 million animals have to lose their lives each year in U.S. shelters, because there are not enough homes for these animals.
  • Shelters are overburdened with surplus animals. If you cannot find a home for that cute pup or kitten, or can no longer handle a dog that was not trained, how do you think the shelter will?


  • Altering will NOT make your pet fat, overfeeding and lack of exercise do (remember your pet will no longer want to roam the neighborhood looking for a mate).
  • There is no medical evidence that having "just one litter" is beneficial in any way, and it is not a good learning experience for a child either, if the pup or kitten cannot find a home and ends up in a shelter.
  • Purebred animals make up between 25-40% of animals in shelters, so do not think that because your pups or kittens are purebred, they are assured of a long, safe life.
  • Altering does not affect the normal working behavior of your animal, in fact they are less distracted since the sexual urges are gone, they can now concentrate on their real work.
  • Hunting/working dogs are better able to focus on their jobs. Altered farm cats do not roam and are more likely to concentrate on catching mice.

Ways You Can Help

  • Have your animals altered, that eliminates any accidental pregnancy.
  • Educate those around you to the ongoing problem of pet overpopulation and benefits of altering. If others are irresponsible about pet care, it DOES affect you.
  • Every community spends a substantial portion of their budget on animal control. Your tax dollars could be better spent on such things as roads and education, not policing irresponsible pet owners.
  • Check with your local vet, animal control, humane or rescue groups for neuter/spay information in your area.