Cass County Circuit Clerk:

                 Brad Parlier   



    Chief Deputy: Hilary Brown    

                                  Deputy Clerk: Anna Ruth Long 

                                  Deputy Clerk: Alondra Perez

                                  Deputy Clerk: Autumn Fesler


The Circuit Clerk’s office maintains & updates the record of all court proceedings within Cass County. These proceedings include Criminal, Traffic, Civil, Family, & Juvenile cases.  The Circuit Clerk’s office attends & keeps record of all scheduled court proceedings.
The Clerk’s office receives and disburses fines, fees, & costs collected as required by statute as a result of court actions. The Circuit Clerk’s office also collects & reports statistical information to the State regarding the disposition of court cases.
The Clerk’s office also manages general duties such as handling all inquiries from the public regarding court cases, performing criminal background checks upon request, & processing child support payments that are not directly sent to the State Disbursement Unit.
*The Circuit Clerk’s Office cannot discuss the case proceedings or provide copies in regard to any Adoption, Juvenile, or records that are deemed Impounded or Confidential by the court.
*The Circuit Clerk’s office personnel are not certified legal agents/attorneys. Therefore, the Office cannot dispense legal advice or assist the public with preparing legal documents.

Legal Assistance:

For any legal assistance in court matters,
Please contact a local attorney’s office or
Contact/Visit the information below:
Illinois Legal Aid
-for free court forms and guides
Land of Lincoln Legal Assistance
Northern Regional Office
3085 Stevenson Drive, Suite 202
Springfield, IL 62703
Phone: (217) 529-8400; Toll Free: (800) 252-8629

For Assistance with Orders of Protection

Or Stalking-Civil No Contact Orders call:

Crisis Center Foundation
Phone: (217) 243-4357; Toll Free: (877-243-5357)
Prairie Center Against Sexual Assault
3 West Old State Capitol Plaza
Springfield, IL, 62701
Phone: (217) 744-2560; Hotline: (217) 753-8081


Cass County is now accepting E-filings in Civil cases. Effective January 1, 2018, it was mandatory that all Civil cases or pleadings be filed electronically. For more information regarding this process, please
go to the Odyssey E-file IL website or contact the number below:

E-File Link

Filer Support Hotline: (800) 297-5377

Schedule of Certain Court Dates:

Criminal Court: Every Monday and selected Thursday(s)
Traffic/DUI Court: 2nd and 4th Wednesday of every month
Small Claims/Civil Court: 2nd Tuesday of every month
*Any/All specific day Civil hearings will be scheduled
by the resident Judge or a Judge assigned to the case.

Payment Instructions: 

For payment of fines and costs:
-We do not accept Personal Checks
-For mail in payments, please pay by Money Order or Cashier’s check
(Mail to P.O Box 203, Virginia, IL, 62691)
-Cash can be accepted over the counter for fines and costs
-Credit/Debit card payments can be made through
*See Photo below for instructions on making credit/debit card payment


Instrucciones de pago: 

Para el pago de multas y costos:
-No aceptamos cheques personales
-Para pagos por correo, pague con giro postal o cheque de caja
(Correo a PO Box 203, Virginia, IL, 62691)
-Se puede aceptar efectivo en el mostrador por multas y costos
-Los pagos con tarjeta de crédito / débito pueden hacerse a través de
* Consulte la foto a continuación para obtener instrucciones sobre cómo realizar el pago con tarjeta de crédito / débito


Plead guilty and pay on Traffic and Conservation cases that do not require a
Court Appearance with Judici Plea/Pay

•Only minor violations that do not require court appearances are eligible.

•A fixed convenience fee is charged. The fee is not retained by the clerk.

•Plea, payment, and case closure are recorded automatically.

•Go to

Follow the instructions on the Judici E-Pay/E-Plea search page to locate the case and enter a plea and pay the fine.


Se declara culpable y paga en casos de Tráfico y Conservación que no requieren unaComparecencia de la Corte con Judici Acuerdo/Pago

•  Solo las violaciones menores que no requieran comparecencias judiciales son elegibles.
•  Se cobra un cargo fijo por conveniencia. La tarifa no es retenida por el secretario.
•  Acuerdo, pago y cierre de caso se registran automáticamente.
•  Ir a

Siga las instrucciones de la página de búsqueda de Judici E-Pay/E-Plea para localizar el caso e introduzca una petición y pague la multa.

For Public Records:

Any court records before 1998 will be indexed by book in our office. Please contact
our office to locate any records before 1998.
Any records after 1998 will be indexed by computer. All court records after 1998
Can be accessed through the public terminal located in our office or can be searched
Online at

Jurors Important Information:

After you receive your summons for jury duty in the mail, you are required to complete a juror questionnaire. To complete the online questionnaire, note your juror number on the summons and click here: Juror questionnaire

**Failure to complete and return the questionnaire can result in being held in contempt of court.**